Hi everyone! We want to to let you all know that The Jumpitz, a , are making all their on iLike!

Let us also say that the Jumpitz are not musicians,  but rather entertainers that create an experience for kids to learn through dance and music. I’ve got 3 kids and my 4 year old son loves Josh because he’s goofy and jokes a lot! Right now the Jumpitz have no scheduled concerts but you can see their on their .

Here’s a video from the December Nights in Balboa Park concert.

baby-centerNow finding the perfect name for your baby is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Baby Center recently released a list of 100 most popular baby names of 2008. This is really cool, the list includes names for both girls and boys. You can see what other parents are choosing to name their newborns and also when you click each name it even gives you the meaning of the name. While we don’t know what the popular baby names will be in 2009, you can help yourself and use  to find the perfect name for your baby, it’s interactive and it’s fun.


baby names

baby names



Christmas time is here and we feel like singing. There are many Holiday songs, our favorite is Little Drummer Boy! What’s yours?


Morning show host AJ collected 100,000 toys for children at Rady’s hospital last week! The Jumpitz donated 700 DVDs to help the cause and then performed for the radio show and crowd of parents with children!

Checkout the after the performance.



We recently, our .  The Jumpitz have been very busy so far this holiday season giving shows all over San Diego.

Honestly their shows are incredible, they sing and dance to the children in large crowds. We want to invite moms to discover the Jumpitz with your kids by going to one of their live shows.

We really recommend that before you go to a live show you check out the Jumpitz website and look at all the fun videos and check the page so you can sing along.

You can , then you can download the songs for your kids so you can take them with you.

You can also such as full episodes or the full feature DVD and watch it whenever your kids want.

The feature we most like is the Play Time are where you can characters and have your kids paint them.

The Jumpitz inspire our children to learn about their world, check the so you can see for yourself how great they are. We guarantee your kids will love them.

P.S. Here are a few .