has all the top Mom websites


Hey Moms we were going through the internet and found a website where popular sites are aggregated from different categories, it’s called . It was created by a popular venture capitalist and former evangelist and . It’s a very cool site where there are categories that are interest to our hot moms like , and . Go check it out and don’t forget to also pay a visit to .

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  1. Oh! this is great! Thank you for the resource!

  2. New Partnership in the “Baby” World Has Kathy Ireland Saying “Thank You Baby”
    KEARNEY, Neb.–(Business Wire)–
    Thank You Baby(R) (TYBB) is proud to announce an exclusive
    licensing agreement to design and manufacture infant bedding and
    accessories for Kathy Ireland Worldwide (KIWW), a leading design and
    marketing firm founded by CEO and Chief Designer, Kathy Ireland.

    “The opportunity to be the sole provider of baby-related top of
    bed and coordinated accessories for Kathy Ireland Home, the nation’s
    most trusted and loyally supported brand name, is a unique honor and a
    giant step,” said Tracy George, President of Thank You Baby. “We feel
    truly blessed for this opportunity and incredibly excited to enter
    into this relationship with Kathy and her company. Being the first to
    introduce an entire new product line in `baby’ with Kathy is not only
    inspirational but amazing.”

    “It is a joy, honor and blessing to partner with Tracy George and
    the genius team of Thank you Baby. Our companies have been in
    discussion for some time and this event opens a world of opportunities
    to busy moms everywhere. Tracy’s innovation and creative spirit are
    proof of what a gifted, brilliant mom can accomplish in the world of
    business. Everyone at Kathy Ireland Worldwide is excited and inspired
    by this partnership. Children and busy moms will find beautiful infant
    bedding and accessories in our powerful collections,” said Kathy.

    George noted: “In little over a dozen years, Kathy has built her
    brand into a mammoth $1.4 billion annual product empire through a
    combination of exceptional design, extraordinary integrity and through
    defining then designing to her customers’ needs. The brand loyalty is
    unequaled in products serving the family, and we look forward to
    benefiting from her design skill and from the public’s recognition of
    how Kathy looks out for her customers’ interests.”

    Thank You Baby offers a complete line of fine bedding and
    accessories for any and all personalities. TYBB offers over 200 fabric
    selections and is one of the only bedding companies to offer
    customized collections as well as stock collections to retailers and
    consumers. TYBB products reflect the company’s belief that high
    quality and superior selection shall prevail! TYBB believes that our
    children are our blessings. Inspired by the simple spirit of
    childhood, TYBB products are made especially for them, “Custom luxury
    that fits any style.”

    “Kathy’s mission of `…finding solutions for families, especially
    busy moms'(TM) truly reflects so much of what Thank You Baby
    represents. Families, especially moms, are the foundation of our
    business and we aim to find beautiful products and designs
    specifically for them, this is why Kathy’s mission statement fits so
    wonderfully for us,” said Tracy. “We are proud to be a part of that

    Kathy Ireland Home(C) by Thank You Baby will debut in September
    2008 at the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas (September 7-11), with over 15
    new collections available to the public nationwide by early 2009. New
    fabrics, collections and designs complement TYBB’s established
    personality by using vibrant colors that attract all personalities.
    The team’s new collections consist of names like Chocolate Mint, Pop
    Freedom, Ms Mickey Mac and Pep’s Garden, which are just as beautiful
    as their names suggest!

    New products will also be introduced to the line and the new
    collections of KIWW and TYBB in September 2008.

    Existing, specially selected collections of Thank You Baby that
    are now co-branded with KIWW will be available to retailers by May
    2008 and available to the public not later then July 2008.

  3. A website encouraging mms to find time for themselves with downloadable fitness videos for moms by a mom

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