Glam is number one among women online.


Glam Media is a fast-growing online network of about 450 websites geared to women. It’s now become on of the web’s top 20 most visited properties. is focused on women’s lifestyle and fashion, and serves as a more comprehensive and interactive version of such women’s lifestyle magazines as Cosmopolitan and Vogue. The site focuses on popular women’s topics including celebrities, fashion, beauty, and shopping. In fact, shopping is a key part of, as users can browse and buy from a wide array of women’s clothing and accessories available directly through the site. is also pioneering the Beta version of Glamspace, which lets users create their own profiles, invite friends, and browse for stylists, designers, and more. Go checkout Glam as it’s another type of hangout for women!


3 Responses to “Glam is number one among women online.”

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