Skin tips for overnight beauty.


MSN Lifestyle has an article with that we can all put to good use!

most of the biological activities that repair and restore the body (including the skin) take place while you’re at rest, says David Leffell, M.D., professor of dermatology and surgery at Yale University’s School of Medicine and author of the book Total Skin— hence the term “beauty sleep.”

There a total of 19 ways for you to be a sleeping beauty:

  1. Zap tits
  2. Soothe Irritation
  3. Reduce Facial Lines
  4. Protect Your Face
  5. Hydrate Dry, Rough Feet
  6. Get Silky
  7. Defeat Major Skin Flaking
  8. Prevent Puff
  9. Smooth Crepey Lids
  10. Moisturize Your Undereye Area
  11. Save Chafed Elbows
  12. Salve Sore Fingertips
  13. Fortify Brittle Nails
  14. Relieve Chapping
  15. Treat Foot Cracks
  16. Get Rid of Calluses
  17. Hydrate Flaky Lips
  18. Whiten Your Teeth
  19. Repair Cuticles

for the complete scoop!

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  1. Wow!!!! wonderful post, I impressed with your post and all the tips. This are simply super from all other post. Really I find some beneficial tips from this. I am happy to have all this information. Thank you.

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