Yahoo! Shine: all about women!



looks to have jumped out of the gate at high speed after hiring eight experienced editors to create and manage the site’s content. Shine is a new site from targeting women. Shine competes for our attention directly with and iVillage.

What makes Shine different from the others is Shine has a distinct advantage in the estimated 40 million women who already visit Yahoo! every month. One look at the and you’ll find the editors say “…what you won’t find on Shine: ‘Advice on how to please your man’ and diets that urge you to ‘lose 10 pounds fast!’”

We women are presently experiencing something very cool happening in our culture and shine intends on being a part of it. We’ve got a woman campaigning for the top job in the country, female bloggers now outnumber men, and we’ve got Tina Fey writing a hit network show for goodness sakes. We no longer need to stand by passively as the media portrays us as fashion-obsessed diet victims. With the internet as our megaphone, we can now portray ourselves as funny, opinionated women who are in charge of our incomes, careers, families and happiness.

We certainly expect this to be a much different women’s portal, the editor’s are all women and the certainly seem to know what they’re up to. Women are having a lot more influence over the internet! Have you gone to Shine website to interact with the other women yet? What do you think of Shine? Let us know what you think!

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