Moms are word of mouth champions




In a recent study for Moms-to-be and those with children under five years of age were surveyed looking at their online word of mouth activities.

Today’s pregnant women and new moms engage in one-third more word of mouth conversations per day than the total public or women and almost two-thirds of these conversations include brand recommendations. This group has an average of 109 word of mouth conversations per week about products, services and brands, most of which are positive and considered highly credible by other moms.

Here are the main points from the report:


  • 60 percent of conversations among this group carry with them a recommendation to buy, try or consider the brands under discussion.
  • The credibility of word of mouth measured higher for pregnant and new moms than for the total U.S. public or women in every category measured. Among the mom segment, word of mouth about shopping, retail and apparel is highly impactful, with 69 percent likely to purchase based on what was heard.
  • Half or more of all moms surveyed report having at least one conversation per day about technology, financial services, health care, food/dining, media/entertainment, packaged goods, shopping and retail experiences.
  • eight of the top ten most talked about brands listed in the study are retailer, consumer electronic or soft drink brands.


We’ve certainly seen a huge growth of women targeted sites such as , , , …if you know any others let us know! For all you business moms with websites read the full report.

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