Kate Hudson is People’s most beautiful cover girl


Kate Hudson is people's most beautiful

Leading the list of People’s 100 Most Beautiful People is Kate Hudson. This special issue will be on newsstands this Friday.

Kate Hudson admits that when she was little she was a tomboy saying, “I was the girl with the dress on that always came back in the house filthy with scrapes and bruises. But I was always very girly. I had to be able to twirl so that my underwear showed.”

Being mom to active Ryder, 4, she doesn’t have time to get manicures. The single mom tells People, “I even got to the point where I started waxing my own legs because I don’t have the time. I’d rather be home with Ryder sitting there waxing my legs. I haven’t gotten a facial in a million years. I don’t do those kinds of things. And when I do, I always think, ‘I should do this more often.”

She really is beautiful, there are pictures of her without makeup and she still looks beautiful!

Here’s a slide show of the who make it to the list.

What do you think, is she number one?


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