How celebrity moms lose baby weight


How do celebrity moms lose the baby weight? . Here’s a quick recap of some celebrity moms!

Heidi Klum. One of the top models in the world gained 48 pounds while pregnant. She hit the catwalk just 7 seven weeks after delivering her son showing off a slender body that was the result of intense workouts with a trainer and she supposedly followed the !

Kate Winslet. She gained 55 pounds while pregnant, in order to shed the pounds she relied on the diet which prescribes a meal plan based on an individual’s complexion and facial features.

Jenny McCarthy. She gained a whopping 80 pounds while pregnant and after giving birth to her son she followed her mother’s advice and joined where she attended meetings and swapped recipes with other new moms and eventually dropped the weight.

Denise Richards. She gained a healthy 30 pounds of weight and credits her fine figure when she posed in Playboy to the and a strict routine of weightlifting and cardio workouts.

Kate Hudson. She gained 60 pounds during her pregnancy, after she gave birth to her son Ryder she hired 2 personal trainers who worked out with her 2 -3 hours a day, six days a week. Her diet was similar to the . She has just recently been named !

See AOL’s “” to see the rest of your favorite celebrity moms and what they did to shed off the baby weight.

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