Top 25 Celebrity Blogs




Here’s a list of the from Daily blog tips in order of influence (PageRank and other stuff). Celebrity blogs are very profitable since they receive a lot of traffic thanks to their popularity on the internet.


#1 Perez Hilton

#2 TMZ

#3 ValleyWag

#4 The Superficial

#5 Defamer

#6 Gawker


#8 Egotastic

#9 Jezebel

#10 Go Fug Yourself

#11 Pink is the new blog

#12 Celebrity Babies

#13 PopSugar

#14 Dlisted

#15 I am Not Obsessed

#16 Celebitchy

#17 Jossip

#18 PopCrunch

#19 HollyScoop

#20 Dotspotter

#21 Celebrity Gossip

#22 Hollywood Rag

#23 The Bosh

#24 Splash News

#25 Exposay



What other celebrity blogs do you read?


2 Responses to “Top 25 Celebrity Blogs”

  1. 1 fui

    I like to suggest everyone a celebrity image gallery which is free, unique and really very good.
    Those who want to have a little bit of entertainment in between their work, can take a break and watch Unique thing
    about this site is that…only full body decent images of more than 200 celebrities are there with full emphasis on great figure. There are
    RSS, forums, blogs & chat features also where you can connect with each others.

  2. 2 Tanya

    I like following the women in Hollywood. I do so because I dream of being one of them. Anyway, the site that I read everyday is . They only do female celebrities.

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