The Top 14 Bizarre Moments in the "Sex and the City" Movie


Top 14 bizarre moments in the Sex and the City Movie


Have you watched Sex in the City Movie? There are tons of reviews all over the internet but we liked the from And last but not least we found a list of the Top 14 bizarre moments in the Sex and the City Movie which we posted here for all of you to enjoy!


  1. Samantha waits until *after* the opening credits to bang her first dude.
  2. Carrie is briefly shown to be wearing white pumps from the Martha Stewart Collection at K-Mart… after Labor Day, no less.
  3. The girls all join up to go fight in Iraq; Carrie changes the name of her column to Sects in Sadr City.
  4. The awkward moment where the rest of the girls walk in on Charlotte’s private moment of wearing a T-shirt and dirty sweats, drinking Pabst Blue Ribbon and eating cold pizza on the couch while watching Arena Football and scratching herself.
  5. After the girls find the toilet seat up again, Charlotte announces she wants to be called Charles from now on.
  6. Chris Noth, apparently confusing his movie and TV roles, spends the whole movie investigating who stole Carrie’s new shoes.
  7. Kim Cattrall’s reenactment of the Lassie scene from "Porky’s" lands her a new nickname: Old Yeller.
  8. Carrie’s steel-cage shoe battle with Imelda Marcos.
  9. For a moment, the movie sustained incredible tension when Miranda seemed like she was about to sneeze, but then the feeling passed.
  10. A jarringly loud alarm clock goes off every 20 minutes to wake up all the straight men in the audience.
  11. Hilarious scene where Matthew Broderick shows up and gets Carrie to skip school.
  12. Animators at Disney/Pixar succeed in making Kim Cattrall’s vagina look almost hospitable.
  13. Calls from interested guys are replaced by telemarketing offers from AARP.
  14. Yves Saint Laurent tells the girls he’ll just die if they wear his clothes.




What do you think, got any other bizarre moments?


One Response to “The Top 14 Bizarre Moments in the "Sex and the City" Movie”

  1. i noticed that Sex and the City has a polarizing effect on both men and women… people either love the movie or they hate it

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