Having a Baby? 36 Products and Tools You Need for those First Three Months



Being a mom is great and all, for those new moms who are having a baby for the first time and feel the need to be prepared for when the baby arrives, we found this blog entry over at which we think pretty much covers what you need to have during the first 3 months of motherhood. The list covers everything from diapering, nursing/feeding, transporting, sleeping, rathing, playing and clothing. Enjoy!



1. Diaper bag.

2. Diapers.

3. Wipes.

4. Boudreaux Butt Paste.

5. Changing Pad/Cover with Waterproof Pad.

7. Dimmer switch for a lamp.


8. Boppy Pillow.

9. A breastfeeding class.

10. Lansinoh cream.

11. Nursing bra.

12. A selection of bottles and nipples.

13. Breast Pump.

14. Breast Pump Bra

15. Nursing Pads

16. Gerber Breast Milk Bags



17. Check car compatability

18. Test the feel of lot of different kinds

19. Research the latest technology



20. Moses basket

21. Baby Swing

22. Healthy Sleep Habits/Happy Child

23. Video Monitor

24. Swaddle blanket

25. Pacifier

26. Noise machine

27. Heartbeat CD

28. Ocean Wonders Aquarium

29. Room-darkening curtains



30. Infant tub

31. Aveeno bath wash



32. Play Mat

33. Bouncer chair

34. Mirror



35. Onesies

36. Pants



for all the details


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