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We just wanted to let you know to come by Fashion Valley’s Nordstrom this Saturday between Noon-4:00pm for the launch of Tuni & G’s infant and toddler clothing!  For all of you know that have been there with us from the beginning, you know that this is a very emotional and exciting time for us.  […]

We did it! We’re on Twitter. After hearing so much of Twitter we decided we needed to join the conversation too. We did some research and found a ton of resources that we want to share! If you don’t Twitter, but you’ve always wanted to start a blog, think of Twitter like a mini-blog. And […]

You’re going to LOVE THIS! The british magazine Fabulous asked thousands of their readers what they thought about their body, which bits they like, which bits they don’t, and what they’d change if they could. They also asked their men readers. It seems men and women have very different ideas about the perfect female figure. […]

Ah Yes Baby Clothes! they come in all flavors this summer, Tuni & G’s got two of the cutest baby onesie and shirt your baby can’t be without. We’ve also got a sleek and sexy summer tank top for mom which we know moms (even non-moms) LOVE to wear. SUMMER MOMMY TANK TOP What better […]

Tuni & G Peace sign infant tees “boy crazy”/”crazy boy” mommy and me set On Saturday Angelina and Brad welcomed to their life daughter Vivienne Marcheline and son Knox Leon! According to People both babies are doing as well as her mother! To congratulate Angelina and Brad we’ve sent her our Tuni & G Peace […]