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We did it! We’re on Twitter. After hearing so much of Twitter we decided we needed to join the conversation too. We did some research and found a ton of resources that we want to share!

If you don’t Twitter, but you’ve always wanted to start a blog, think of Twitter like a mini-blog. And it’s easy to keep updated — you can update right on your Twitter page, send text messages, use third party tools like Twhirl or send an Instant Message through programs like AIM.

So if you’re a mom and haven’t joined Twitter or are planning on joining Twitter here are some resources to get you started:

The Ultimate List of Moms on Twitter. Initially this was posted back in May and has grown since. Great list to get started on and join other Moms on Twitter.

Seven ways to get your mom on Twitter. This is a fantastic article, 7 tips for any mom to follow!

Why moms love Twitter. Kelby Carr is a mom that’s in love with Twitter. She says moms love Twitter because it’s intimate and personal. We’ll take her word for it!

Moms on Twitter. From the Mom Bloggers club, join the group and leave your Twitter username and start following other moms.

60+ Twitter tools for Moms serious about Twitter. Lots of tools to use for Twitter here, don’t know where to start!

BlogHer: Who are your favorite women bloggers?. Although it doesn’t mention Twitter, these are all women with blogs that have Twitter accounts.

Official Twitter Blog. All Twitter here, news of Twitter, everything you need to know.

Social Media Mom. This is a great blog, a mom traveling through the social media space.

So let’s join the conversation, start following moms and hopefully they’ll follow you back and meet new and incredible moms in the Twittersphere!

Oh and don’t forget to follow us hehehe Tuni & G 🙂

2 Responses to “New Mom on Twitter”

  1. Another great resource for moms on twitter is…

    A group of moms who love twitter and networking! Check us out!

  1. 1 Twitter Moms: find, follow, lead, learn, love and share « Unique Mommy and Baby Clothes at Tuni & G.

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