Best Pregnant Halloween Costumes


pregnant mermaid costume


We were browsing through the web when we suddenly stumbled on a gallery of the over a We clicked through and found found belly after belly dressed in costumes. Some are particular original and funny (top picture) but others are way way out of line!

This got us thinking and we came up with our own pregnant halloween costume ideas…enjoy!


As an Oven. This would be really tricky but very original,you can take a cardboard box wrap it in aluminum foil drawing dials on it and hanging it around your body. Then cut a door right where your belly is and place a loaf of bread there (your belly!). The idea is to let everyone know you’ve got a bun in the oven and your husband can go as the chef who put it there.

 As a pumpkin in the window. Put a curtain rod above your belly (hung around your neck) and curtains hanging from each side of it with your exposed belly in between the curtains painted like a jack-o-lantern.

A Care bear. Remember the ! get a bear costume make a cut where your belly is and paint the care bear belly.


We’re sure there are lots and lots of more cool ideas, post your costume ideas in the comments!


Be sure to also check their and the .


Photo Credit: Submitted by Holly N.M. of Jacksonville Beach, Florida


One Response to “Best Pregnant Halloween Costumes”

  1. My pregnant friend is going as a shotgun bride!

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