About Tuni & G

This the Official Tuni & G blog.

Tuni & G Mommy and Me Clothing makes unique mommy and baby clothes, including toddler and youth clothing. Tuni & G’s designer clothing has become the trendy clothing of choice for celebrities, according to People Magazine! Gift what the “stars are unwrapping”, with Tuni & G as the perfect baby gift for baby showers and new baby, as well as for girls and boys birthday gifts, or Mother’s Day and Father’s Day gifts! If you are expecting, or want to a perfect maternity gift, you can make the hot mom 2 be feel good with Tuni & G’s maternity tops! You can also find infant pants and other great clothes in light, fresh colors and attractive designs that are great for adults and kids.

Why Tuni & G?
Let us ask this question… How could two shopaholics share quality time with each other and yet be creative? The answer is Tuni & G. The creation of Tuni & G solved many issues that both women were concerned with. These two creative women discussed their desires to start a fashion line that would be spicy, fun, comfortable, and be of high quality for mothers and children. Antoinette and G.G. have decided to share their fashion sense with the public! The journey so far has been one filled with sleepless nights, nagging children, and a lot of fast food to save time. Yet, the two are determined to make Tuni & G a big hit with mothers and children all over!

Tuni & G

One Response to “About Tuni & G”

  1. Hey girls, check out our website. maybe we could work together to cut out your sayings for wall signs? very cute in baby’s room. Let me know what you think. We live in El Cajon too.
    Robin Johnson

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