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  In a recent study for BabyCenter Moms-to-be and those with children under five years of age were surveyed looking at their online word of mouth activities. Today‚Äôs pregnant women and new moms engage in one-third more word of mouth conversations per day than the total public or women and almost two-thirds of these conversations […]

The Mommy Bloggers   Just a few days ago the BlogHer Business conference took place in NY and we’re reading post after post and watch this video about CBS evening news anchor Katie Couric meeting with a group of mom blogging mavens. As women bloggers descended on New York City last weekend for BlogHer Business, […]

Here at Tuni & G we like to show our support to fellow moms making a difference. And today we came across a post from Hot Mommas Project on how to build a million dollar business part time! The Hot Mommas Project chronicles the best practices of women successful in their lives and careers. Based […]

Here’s a 2 year old video of Tuni & GG, our 2 wonderful founders. You can see the video following this link from San Diego’s Channel 10 news broadcast. In the video you learn how Tuni & G came to be born and how Tuni & GG have coped with both being entrepreneurs on a […]