is a browser that makes the internet safe for kids (aged 3-12) while also surfacing the best juvenile content. According to their website “Soon your kids will be exploring over a million kid-friendly games, websites, pictures and YouTube videos”. We as parents know very well that our child’s safety is of huge concern if we are to let them use the internet.

KudZui helps us parents feel comfortable while at the same time provides our children with a browsing experience that our children will not only enjoy but love. KudZui surfaces content that has been approved by teachers and parents that were hired to browse through the net and rate appropriate sites and content.

KudZui is very graphical and consists of 3 types of content: websites, photos, and videos. This content has been categorized into over 8,000 categories such as "soccer" and "whales". Kids can search the site by keyword, and the results are determined by a "kidrank" system that keep track of how popular they are. Kids can also use the homepage as a jumping off point for browsing; it displays both popular and most visited websites.

Kids can set up their own avatars ("zuis") and make friends with other users. But all friends must be approved by parents first, and there’s no messaging between friends; they can only share rated content with each other and view each others’ points.

Overall we think KudZui guarantees our kids safety. KidZui is free but there are also paid membership versions which include other features parents will find useful.


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