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Here at Tuni & G we like to show our support to fellow moms making a difference. And today we came across a post from Hot Mommas Project on how to build a million dollar business part time! The Hot Mommas Project chronicles the best practices of women successful in their lives and careers. Based […]

From TMZ, Britney Spears just spent $500 on a gift basket for her newly pregnant teen sister Jamie Lynn.  Supposedly Britney called up Petit Tresor and ordered Jamie Lynn a Tuni & G “Hot Mama 2B” tank top with awhole other stuff. Read the full story to see what Britney was up to.

You know we have to have a list of the Top 10 reasons why YOU are missing in on the action while millions of HOT MOMS have discovered a new way to express themselves while:     1. It allows moms to have fun dressing up with their little ones through the interactive phrases. 2. […]

Hello Hot Moms, we just want to announce that we’re going to be doing a cross promotion with In Motion Books at Tuni&G. Reading books is instrumental to educating and shaping our children’s future. By reading to your children, you automatically increase their intellect while promoting family bonding. That is the goal of In Motion […]

Hello there Hot Moms this is the Tuni&G blog. We want to announce that we have a new website and a new design Got my mind on my mommy and my mommy on my mind. And since the Holidays are approaching were starting our Holiday sale. For those Hot Moms that want to join in […]